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Hatha yoga - A systematic approach to mastering your life (part 1)

A 4-part series of articles about the true essence and progression of Hatha yoga.

Hatha yoga is the core of every yoga style you would think and maybe were told, but still it is hard to distill it down to what it actually is.

To be honest, hatha yoga nowadays has been robbed of all its wonderful and so potent roots and it came down to be yet another exercise class, where the main focus is on the physical body. But at its core Hatha yoga is just a fancy way of saying energy mastery. And what energy? Our own energy!!!

This concept feels so vague and alien for most of us, thinking about it as something so distant, so spiritual, not compatible with modern life we’re living, that we mainly shy away from it

But what if I tell you, that Hatha yoga in its core and its tradition has been designed for the modern people such as you and me? What if I tell you, that it has been laid out especially for the kind of people with a busy life and even more so, a busy mind? What if I tell you, that you don’t need to move to India and live in a cave, that you can still live an abundant life full of material wealth, nice clothes, a job, a family, pets… to call yourself a Yogi/Yogini? What if there is a different link to yoga all together and you just didn’t know it yet?

Hatha yoga is basically the preparation for higher practices of meditation. And you might think: I don’t want to meditate! OK, I get you. But do you want to live a fulfilled life? Do you want to make precise decisions, act from a state of groundedness on a daily basis, make healthy decisions regarding your time, food, jobs, having nourishing and loving relationships with others AND yourself, live your full potential and still have a lot of energy?!

Well I don’t know who doesn’t!

And here Hatha yoga comes in as the ailment.

It is designed as a precise system of progression, to initially get aware of our whole being, unlearn what doesn't serve us to remember and connect deeper to the unlimited pure source of consciousness we all are. In other words – to return to ourselves!

In the next post I will be covering the first stage of Hatha Yoga practice (associated with the mind). Stay tuned!

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